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Instructions For Newcomers


Making Lasting Memories

Instructions and information for newcomers.

If you are not handling your kart properly we will slow you down by remote control.


If you have never driven at our facility, press softly on the gas pedal to get used to your kart and the track.


If you are going slower, stay to one side of the track so faster traffic can pass.


If your kart is bouncing around the turns, you are not taking the turns properly so ease off the gas.

Karts fishtail around the turns, ease off the gas to avoid spinning out.

Ease off the gas or apply the brake to avoid contact.

DO NOT rub against other karts, push  them, bump them, spin them out or run them off the track!  Rubbing is NOT racing!  DO NOT CAUSE ANOTHER KART TO LOSE CONTROL!

Keep your eyes on the track in front of you, especially around the turns!

You must keep both your hands on the steering wheel to control your kart. NO one handed driving!

Drive at a speed YOU are comfortable with.

Make sure your seatbelt is on TIGHT at all times and on your shoulders! If your seatbelt moves, pull up in front of the pit area and our staff will assist you.

If you get stuck on the track STAY SEATED with your seatbelt secure and raise your hand, we will already be on our way to you. NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR KART!

When your time is up, we will flag you into the pit. Park on the same side you started from without bumping the kart in front of you.


When entering the pit area let go of the gas and USE YOUR BRAKE to enter SLOWLY.

To fully engage the brake you must push it all the way and hold it there, pumping your brake will not stop the kart.  You must do this to avoid rear-ending a parked kart in the pit, there might be someone sitting in it.

Remain seated with your seatbelt secure, while in the pit area, until all the karts have been pulled in and staff instructs you that it is safe to exit.

Do not remain in the pit area once exiting your kart.  Move immediately to designated exit areas before discussing your ride with others.

Keep your helmet on until you exit fully from the pit area.

We have 0 tolerance with our 2 seaters.  Do not make any contact with these karts or your ride will be terminated, even if by accident.  There are small children in these karts!

We recommend not eating large meals prior to your ride.  Many people, especially smaller children,  get motion sickness.


Leave purses, hats, phones, change and other losables in your vehicle's trunk before you ride, they fall out and get lost or run over!  We also have lockers for your smaller items with a key you may take with you.  The key is worn around your wrist.

If you have purchased a ticket that has not been used, you must have it authorized before leaving the facility.  Tickets not authorized will not be accepted on return visits.

People do NOT appreciate drivers who do not follow instructions and safety rules when they are trying to enjoy themselves.  You must be responsible enough to abide by the rules to keep a fun environment for all.


Our trained staff is eager to assist you.  Please listen to any advice they offer.


Any misconduct will result in the barring of the offending party from participating.

If you cannot control your kart you will be removed from the track!



We do not accommodate toddlers and children under 40 inches.


Go-Karting is a fun and exciting sport.

Our rules ensure your safety and are strictly enforced.

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