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  • How Long Have You Been Around?
    We started our go-kart business in 1996 at Windsor Airport. We had a small area in their parking lot for 4 consecutive years, until the city took over the Airport. We reopend the track on a permanent basis, in 2005, on an adjacent property, where we are located now.
  • What Do You Offer At Your Facility?
    We offer concession go-kart rides (rentable go-karts) for ages 4 and older (must be 40"). We have 2 outdoor concrete tracks. The Main Track is a road course and the Junior Track is an oval. We also have a large picnic area with tables next to the track and free parking.
  • How Big Is Your Track?
    Our track is 1800 linear feet in length and the configuration ccan be changed many ways to keep it interesting.
  • What Kind Of Karts Do You Have?
    We currently have 4 types of go-karts available. The Main Track offers our Python model, which is an open body kart with a split axel. It is designed for people over 54". We offer 3 Viper model karts which are designed for an adult driver and a child passenger, over 40". We have 1 double kart which is designed for 2 adults. It is reserved for special needs passengers who are unable to drive their own but wish to experience the thrill of go-karting. 2 adults fit comfortably in this kart. The Junior karts are available on our Junior Track for drivers under 54" but must be at least 40" to drive them.
  • What Kinds Of Engines Do The Karts Have?
    All Main Track karts are equipped with 9hp Honda engines.
  • Can We Reserve Karts?
    We cannot take reservations as we are an outdoor activity and are weather dependant. We cannot predict what the weather will do.
  • Is a Waiver Requried To Drive At Your Facility?
    At this time waivers are not necessary to drive but all requirements for safety must be met and can be reviewed on our Rules page.
  • How Long Does It Take To Make A Lap?
    It takes approximately 50 seconds to make a lap on the Main Track, depending on driving skills.
  • How Fast Do The Karts Go?
    On the Main Track our Pythons go 45km (28 mph). Our 2 seat karts are slower due to the size of the kart. Our Junior Track karts go a little faster than battery operated jeeps.
  • Is There Something Wrong With My Kart Because It Loses Power Periodically?
    All the karts have remotely operated shut offs which cut the gas to the engine. These are one of the safety measures we have in place to slow individual karts or the whole track if needed. Often times there is someone who needs assistance or a driver is not handling their kart properly. There are instances where unruley drivers may be slowed down in every turn or whenever they near another kart, should they ignore our rules.
  • Do Your Karts Roll Over?
    We have never had a roll over in all the years we have been in business.
  • Can I Bring My Own Kart To Race On Your Track?
    We do not allow other karts on our track due to design incompatibilites.
  • Am I Allowed To Wear My Own Helmet?
    Yes, helmets must be D.O.T. approved helmets.
  • How Do You Sanitize Your Helmets?
    Our helmets are cleaned with disinfectant after every single use and placed in a UVC cubical for 10 minutes to sanitize fully.
  • I Am Pregnant, Can I Still Ride?
    It is highly recommended that pregnant women and people with back issues not partake in go-karting. The vibration and possible impacts on the track may risk safety.
  • I Have a Broken Arm or Leg, Can I Still Drive?
    No, any healing fractures may be injured further.
  • What Type Of Gas Do The Karts Take?
    We use regular, uleaded gassoline. No nitrus
  • Which Kart Is The Fastest?
    Ontario regulations state karts may not exceed 45 km (28mph) without a licence. Our facility is designed for families and not for licenced drivers only. All karts must be the same speed on the same track. Individual karts may lose speed due to certain factors including driving capabilities, tire wear and weight of driver. The governers which maintain the speed are internal and cannot be adjusted.
  • Can I Take A Passenger On My Lap?
    Absolutely NO. Ontario regulations strictly prohibit this as a dangerous practice. The 2 seaters are side by side with each wearing their own seatbelt.
  • Do You Offer Leagues Or A Timing System?
    At this time we do not offer leagues. We will offer timing to registered members to receive results via text or email as well as best times and overall standings. Guests will not have this option.
  • How Difficult Is It To Drive A Kart?
    Driving a go-kart is very easy to do provided they are driven at a speed you are comfortable with. There is a gas pedal and a brake. The steering wheel column is between your legs. You must use 2 feet to drive but only press the brake pedal when you want to slow down suddenly or stop. Letting go of the gas pedal will slow your kart enough to gain control again.
  • What Happens When It Starts To Rain?
    If patrons are on the track they will be allowed to finish their ride, provided they are handling their kart properly and are slowing down around the turns to avoid spinning out. If they are not able to handle their kart safely, they will be given tickets for the remainder of their ride for another day. If tickets are purchased and you have not been on the track, your ticket will be authorized for another day.
  • Rubbing Is Racing?
    On our track NO! Contrary to popular belief, rubbing is not racing, it's cheating and grounds for expulsion from the track. Please see our Rules page for more information.
  • How Do I Know When My Time Is Up?
    Depending on the ticket purchased, we will keep track of your time and flag you into the pit area when your time has expired. Usually you are given an extra lap.
  • What Happens If I Can't Control My Kart?
    You wil lbe removed from the track and either given the option to be a passenger in the 2 seat kart or if you are younger you may drive on the Junior Track. Rules must be obeyed to keep a safe environment for all and controling your kart is an important rule.
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