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We reserve the right to refuse entry to persons who do not adhere to the government's recommendations for safety.

We must keep our staff safe, where social distancing is not possible.

Regardless of personal feelings / situations, the standards will be met to attend our facility.

We apologize to patrons with medical issues but our very reasonable  measures are in place so that we may continue to  serve you.

We are able to serve our exempt patrons with an appointment, so that we can accommodate with supervised self serve. Limited availability.


SOCIAL DISTANCING must be adhered to and please no groups over 10 people.


FACE MASKS must be worn at all times in all staging areas, where our employees are required to help, for safety reasons, and cannot social distance.  Masks may then be pulled under the chin during  your ride.  Gloves are also recommended if patrons so choose, as well as sanitizer before and after use.  Spectators are only allowed in the picnic area.


NEW OPEN FACE HELMETS  will  be deployed in conjunction with our hair nets, but will be supervised self serve where possible.  Patrons are now permitted to use their own DOT approved helmets, including half helmets. 


SAFETY GLASSES will no longer be offered but patrons are encouraged to bring their own form of eyewear (sunglasses are acceptable).


SCREENING Persons who have flu -like symptoms will not be permitted access. Please use a personal assessment before attending.


LEAVING PERSONAL ITEMS WITH US  will no longer be offered.  Please ensure all items remain locked in your vehicle (preferably the trunk), prior to buying tickets.  Keys, cell phones, losable items must be secured before riding.  


SANITATION disinfecting sprays, cleaners and wipes will be utilized often and between each use, on surfaces and all equipment. Helmets will also be sanitized with UVC light after each use.


PAYMENT methods will not change. Hand sanitizer will be used before and after any handling of equipment by patrons. Debit, credit and cash accepted.

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